IPCC didn´t even define terminology related to disagreement!

The International Panel on Climate Change made some effort to define terminology. This is how the Panel defined terms to describe the degree of agreement:

Box TS.1 | Treatment of Uncertainty
“The following summary terms are used to describe.. the degree of agreement: low, medium, or high.”

Everything should be just fine then – or what? Can you see what is missing?
What about disagreement?

It seems like it didn´t even occur to them that they could need terms to describe disagreement. Maybe they didn´t need the term. Let us check. It turns out that the term disagreement were used at 24 pages. The working group used the following terms: Disagreement, substantial disagreement, considerable disagreement, more disagreement, large disagreements, apparent disagreement.

Of course – this does not prove anything. It only indicates a mindset skewed towards an expected outcome. It is also a clear indication that the mindset is not in accordance with modern scientific principles where a critical attitude and scrutiny are important and necessary for reliable and useful results.

In my view a reliable scientific body would both define terms related to agreement and disagreement – if they spent effort on defining these qualitative terms at all. A reliable scientific organization would not define terms related to agreement and then forget to define terms related to disagreement.


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