Richard Feynman – The key to science!

Enjoy this 1 minute clip with Feynman:

What Richard Feynman summarize here is the hypotetico – deductive method. This method can be regarded as the modern scientific method.
hypotetico deductive model

The master mind who described, explained and made the method readily available to us was Karl Popper. Karl Popper presented the method In his book “The logic of scientific discovery”.  (First published 1935 – First english version 1959).

First chapter, 26 pages, contains the essence. Karl Popper Called the method the empirical method in this work. Enjoy some soothing reading:
The logic of scientific discovery

Karl Poppers empirical method, the hypotetico – deductive method is also referred to as Critical rationalism:
Critical rationalism

Critical rationalism stands opposed to inductivism:

Richard Feynman


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