IPCC is governed by unscientific principles!


The UNscientific method

This post summarize the most important unscientific principles governing IPCC. To keep it short, the post contains links to other post providing my full argument behind each claim.

From my point of view, scientific objectivity and the quest for truth, should be put first in an organization claiming to be scientific. More than that, a scientific organization should protect the integrity of the scientific process. The scientific process is precious and vulnerable. It is a great disappointment to register that United Nations created a body called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A body governed by unscientific principles:

there are two very central documents governing the work by IPCC:

1. Principles governing IPCC work
By which United Nations allowed IPCC to be governed by:
– the unscientific principle of a mission (§1)
– the unscientific principle of consensus (§10)
– an approval process and organization principle which must, by it´s nature, diminish dissenting views. (§11)
More on that here: Does IPCC endorse a scientific method from the Rennaisance?

2. Guidance Note for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Consistent Treatment of Uncertainties
In this document, made up in a hasty way, IPCC made two very fundamental errors:
a) On qualitative statements:
IPCC endorsed subjective statements called «level of confidence» and enforced the use of such statements upon the lead authors:
More on that here: IPPC did exactly what should be avoided in objective science!
b) On quantitative statements:
IPCC failed to recognize an international guideline for expression of uncertainty and adopted an unsatisfactory way of expressing uncertainty – by “likelihood”
More on that here: IPCC didn´t notice an international guideline on the expression of uncertainty!

And anyone believing that IPCC can be trusted to provide unbiased science should have a look at this post: IPCC was heavily biased from the very beginning

A body governed by the principles governing IPCC, cannot be trusted on scientific matters.

IPCC is using United Nations scientific method – the UNscientific method.





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