IPCC is misleading policy makers!

The way IPCC highlights radiative forcing but fail to mention the net energy absorption  is remarkable.

In the report – IPCC highlights the net anthropological radiative forcing:

The total anthropogenic Radiative Forcing for 2011 relative to 1750 is
2.29 [1.13 to 3.33] W/m² …

WGI; AR5 – Page 13

What IPCC does not mention with a word in the summary for policy makers is that the anthropogenic radiative forcing is countered by:

.. an increase in outgoing radiation inferred from changes in the global mean surface temperature ..

WGI; AR5 – Figure TFE.4, Figure 1 The Earth’s energy budget from 1970 through 2011

And IPCC does not mention with a word in the summary that a central estimate for the current net surface warming is 0.6 W/m²:

considering a global heat storage of 0.6 W m–2 (imbalance term in Figure 2.11) based on Argo data from 2005 to 2010 (Hansen et al., 2011; Loeb et al., 2012b; Box 3.1).

IPCC;AR5;WGI;page 181; 2.3.1 Global Mean Radiation Budget

And IPCC does not mention with a word that the central estimate for current total feedback from clouds is also 0.6 W/m²:

Based on the preceding synthesis of cloud behaviour, the net radiative feedback due to all cloud types is judged likely to be positive. …. the central (most likely) estimate of the total cloud feedback is taken as the mean from GCMs (+0.6 W m–2 °C–1).

WGI; AR5; 7.2.6 Feedback Synthesis; page 592


This is quite important isn´t it? The Cloud feedback is equal to the net global warming!

Call it what you want – I think United Nations climate panel IPCC are obfuscating the matter and misleading policy makers.


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