About: Science or Fiction?

First: If you see anything you like, feel free to use it.

This site has been made to provide some more background information for comments by “Science or Fiction”.

Who am I?
Does it really matter? What you see is all that counts.
Regard proper arguments as valuable.
Disregard or discredit illogical or improper arguments, regardless of who is stating them.

However – I have a university master degree in physics (5 years study).
By pure interest I also have
– 6 months worth of additional university courses in organization psychology
(earned while working).
– been through everything on the reading list for a 1-year study in philosophy
(By pure interest after I graduated – no exam).

My profession is within measurement. I deal professionally with:
– evaluation of model based measurements
– quantitative uncertainty analysis
– cost-benefit analysis
– risk analysis
– the design of measurement systems

The systems I design are actually constructed and used for measurements of great economic importance

I am starting to realize that I was kind of lucky with my introductory courses to science – history of philosophy, logic, philosophy of scientific discovery, development of science.  My course reached its climax with the ideas of Karl Popper and was rounded off with Kuhn´s ideas about Paradigm shifts.

At the time I took for granted that every student at every University in the world was taught the same about science – this simply isn´t true. The curriculum depends on the University, the discipline, and the professor. I´m not even sure that all students are required to take this kind of introductory course to science.

I have been triggered by what I regard as questionable practices within climate science.

I´m on my own – on my spare time – with no support from others.
My effort is by no means planned or coordinated with others.
I have no income whatsoever from my climate engagement.
And I will accept no donations, no funding and no benefits of any kind for what I do.

My engagement is not in line with my employer’s policy on climate change. I prefer to be anonymous to avoid harassment and to avoid being officially in opposition to my employer. Eventually, it will not bother me to be officially in opposition to my employer – at that time I will reveal my identity, but not before.

I spend all too much time on issues within this field.

So far, every thought I have completed about the climate change controversy has been published, either on this site or by my public comments.

Oh – by the way – if you see anything you like, feel free to use it.
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Someone is wrong on internet

5 thoughts on “About: Science or Fiction?

  1. wow. bravo.
    kuhn was a berkeley guru, tho, not any kind of objectivist. self contradictions never fazed him.
    i wrote a paper on his anti-intellectual agenda once but my mind tends to excrete the falsehoods and retain only the principles and i’m not interested in refreshing my disgust, so … i won’t support my own statement with anything pertinent…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I´m not knowledgeable about Kuhn, so I cannot defend his epistemology – however, I think his ideas about paradigm and paradigm shifts in science makes sense – not as scientific principles but as a useful perspective and help to understand shifts within a scientific field. However, I would like to have a look at your paper – but I guess you would reveal your identity by providing it – so I do not expect you to dig it up – and thereby maybe also refresh your disgust. Anyhow I have not so far felt any need to dive into Kuhn´s ideas. 🙂


    • Thanks for the link to your site. 🙂

      I liked this article a lot: “A rough guide to spotting bad science.”

      I also loved your take on acronyms:

      (A Concise Reduction Obliquely Naming Your Meaning)

      I like your simple take on things like this one:

      “Either – the oceans are getting warmer, so the CO2 concentration in seawater is decreasing (due to outgassing).
      This means that ocean acidification from man-made CO2 in the atmosphere… is nonsense.


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