The fundamental flaws with IPCC – from a scientific point of view!

This post gives an overview over what I regard to be the most fundamental scientific flaws with the governance of IPCC – United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.


The IAC review of IPCC was not independent!

I was a bit puzzled, once I had discovered that:

IPCC was misled by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) on “Qualitative expression of confidence”!


Both IPCC and it´s reviewer, InterAcademy Council, messed up on “Quantified measures of uncertainty”!

How on earth could a scientific organization mess up on these things?

OK -little girl from North Carolina – the stage has been set!

Make place in history for honorable judge Andrew Scott Hanen.

The man who had the cojones to rule that United States Attorney general Loretta Lynch will have to take steps to ensure that the Office of Professional Responsibility effectively polices the conduct of the Justice Department lawyers and appropriately disciplines those whose actions fall below the standards that the American people rightfully expect from their Department of Justice.